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Meet the Hope Meadows Community

In the fertile farmlands of central Illinois is a unique residential community called Hope Meadows. Here, neglected and abused children find a permanent and caring home.

This five block neighborhood is a place where foster children, adoptive parents, and surrogate grandparents develop supportive relationships that can heal the hurt of these kids.

In exchange for spending time each week with the children as companions and mentors, the honorary grandparents get reduced rent in beautiful garden apartments in the community.

Everyone wins.

Empirical research suggests that all human beings want to achieve a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and balance in life. This research has identified six key areas which influence every person.

Work influences you until the day you die. Even when you're retired, you still perform “work”. It might be formal work, such as a part time job or consulting, or it can be informal, such as charity work, volunteering at the local Y, or research for the garden club.

Your leisure and social activities are a critically important part of your well being. They encompass all these areas:

Social Preferences
- Residence and Location
- Travel
- Hobbies
- Avocations

As attractive as a "life of leisure" may sound at the outset, the vast majority of retirees find that too much imbalance in this area leads to disenchantment.

Remember, balance is the key! In our Program, we help you distinguish between a healthy, leisurely lifestyle and and a "life of leisure".

One of the implications of living longer is the risk of outliving your assets.

It's important to understand and immunize yourself against the Five Key Risks all Retirees Face:

Outliving Your Assets
Poor Distribution/Investment Planning
Losing Ground To Inflation
Poor Tax Planning
Gaps In Your Healthcare

Our Program explores these vital topics and helps you develop sound strategies to minimize or eliminate these risks to your rewarding and fulfilling retirement years.

"If You Rest, You Rust"

Studies abound showing that both activity and attitude contribute greatly to health and wellness as we age. Maintaining or improving our physical health, vitality, and attitude is important to ensuring a long life.

Self development comes in many different flavors. Generally, all actions that improve you qualify as personal development. Whether you pursue formal or informal education, volunteerism, mentoring, or just goals for your own personal growth, continuing to grow, learn, and develop is a lifelong pursuit. Our Program explores the many resources available to you to help uncover your passion for learning and growth.

Family can play a large role in retirement. Understanding the changing roles and expectations of family involvement, visits, and care giving are important.  Social relationships can also change dramatically in retirement. Relocation to active adult communities or other venues brings changes in your circle of friends and creates opportunities to make new acquaintances.

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